Parenting moments gone by, never to return

The super lovely Helen of The Busy Mamas is running an absolutely gorgeous linky until the end of June, which the on the ball amongst ye will notice was yesterday!I was just about to squeeze in there au dernier moment but alas my inherent and much unwanted superpower to muck up technology struck once more and I managed to delete this post. I decided to write it again and publish it anyway as it was too good not to share (in my humble opinion) and ye can still read all the other fab entries here.

The link is all about parenting moments gone by and Irish bloggers were tripping over themselves in order to join in. There are tales of glowing bumps and squishy newborns, of the magic of baby giggles and perfectly formed toes.

It’s true that parenting takes you to new and wondrous places complete with dizzying highs and terrifying lows. I’m sitting writing this at a much later time than I had envisaged. Both girls have been fighting sleep to the last but even they cannot continue to fight tonight. There were tantrums at dinner time and bath time and dinner time. We think (hope) Mini Mini is teething as she seems to have given up on sleep altogether. I cannot function without sleep,oh Lord, how I miss it!In my opinion it is the worst aspect to parenting-sleep deprivation-you can see how it is used as a method of torture.

But then there are the highs and each high is so unique as time marches on and your baby will never be this small again,will never hug quite like that again,will never plant a smacker in exactly the same spot on your cheek. Every day brings different challenges and highlights but one thing is certain-every day they are bigger, older, less your baby than they were the day before. It is a phase in your life where wonderful little pockets in time occur that are filled with joyous occasions; peppered with milestones and delicious firsts.


The exact moment when each of my daughter’s locked eyes with mine as they were placed in my arms for the very first time and that utterly amazing feeling that this was exactly where they belonged.

Praying every day for Mini to come home to us from the NICU and then absolutely bricking it on the first drive home with her. Mini “graduating” from her Little Owls Speech and Language group.

Mini’s first steps coming as an early Christmas present to us.

All four of us crowded into the downstairs toilet cheering on Mini as she did her first poo on the potty.

The magic of Mini Mini latching on properly for the first time and guzzling away contentedly.

Me ordering Christmas cards and realising with a thrill that there would be four names to be signed at the bottom of each card that year.

Me losing myself in the deliciousness of Mini Mini’s sumo baby chubby thighs while she chomped her way through her rusk,oblivious to the dried in mess that was all over me until I popped down to the shops later on.

IMG_3146         IMGP3742

The four of us spread out on the bed in pjs rocking out to the Manic Street Preachers at this year’s Glastonbury festival.

Mini rushing into my arms for a ginormous hug as I came arrived home after my first day back at full-time work in over 3 years.

There may be similar moments in the future, but like a snowflake, each moment that falls from the heavens upon our little family is frozen in time and will never be repeated. It is a bittersweet but beautiful thought and it keeps me going through the bad times-the promise of new memories to be made is one of the greatest gifts parenting has to give us.

Have you any magical parenting moments gone by?Please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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  1. Lovely post, well worth the re-write.I am heartened to read I am not the only technologically challenged one among us! Thanks for the link too. 🙂

  2. Ah I’m delighted you got to write such a lovely post to finish out our linky. The poo had me laughing – but also wondering how in the hell we’re going to fit 5in our jacks!!! The Christmas cards had me crying – having just sent our first batch of ‘thank yous’ with a roll call of 5 names I know exactly what you mean!
    Lovely lovely snuggliness xxx

  3. Lovely post Aedin- I got a thrill with the extra name on the card too, in fact I photographed our new signature. I love the image of the four of you cheering Mini on for pooing, a true parenting moment.

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