Pregnancy-10 Things I’ve Learned

Is it me or are there a lot of pregnant ladies out there? I seem to be bumping into bumps everywhere I go. It’s made me remember what it’s like to carry a child to term. Pregnancy is a crazy time. It’s a beautiful, amazing, journey your body will take if you are lucky but it’s a bat shit crazy time all the same. Even the premise is nuts-you’re a human being who is growing another human being inside them-yeah try explaining that to a 2 year old!

Here are a list of things I learned( some the hard way!) about being pregnant that would never have occured to me in my nulliparous days.

Top 10 Things I’ve Learned About Pregnancy

  1. At some point in your pregnancy, you will begin to waddle when you walk. It may annoy you but people (especially friends and family) will find it endearing.
  2. You will need to enlist the help of your partner/hubby/significant other in order to put on/take off your socks in the later stages.
  3. You will pee more times than you thought was humanly possible. Even when you don’t need to go, you will still make that trek to the bathroom. It will become second nature.
  4. Food combinations such as peanut butter on carrots will suddenly become very attractive to you.
  5. You will think “this is it” at least a dozen times (damn you Braxton Hicks!) and will probably make at least one phone call to your midwife/doctor to confirm whether or not you are in labour. However, when the real thing starts you will know!
  6. That first proper kick from your little one is like nothing you have ever experienced. You will try and describe it but you will fail miserably just like I’m doing here.
  7. You will spends ages creating the most amazing birth plan, which will be perfect in every last detail. This will be thrown out the metaphorical and literal window as soon as Junior decides to make an appearence. Read my lips- Babies.Don’t.Do.Birth.Plans.
  8. You will develop an obsession with programmes like “One Born Every Minute” and will swear blindly that you won’t curse/be mean to your partner as much as those women,which of course you will.
  9. At some stage, everything and I mean abolsutely everything will hurt. Your legs, feet, stomach, head, chest, throat, unmentionables. This is a sign that you are nearly there!
  10. All the pain, discomfort, sleepless nights, nausea, heartburn, SPD, it will all be completely worth it once they place that squishy pink ball of newborn loveliness into your arms for the first time. So much so, that you might find yourself going again.. and again!

What aspects of pregnancy did you find the most surprising/unexpected? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below. 🙂

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