Reasons to be Thankful

I’m thankful for messy kitchens and toddler art on doors, walls and wardrobes.

I’m thankful for 3am 20140615-122431-44671959.jpgstarts, and 4am and 5 am and 6am ones too.

I’m thankful for broken GHD hair straighteners and expensive face cream smeared all over the toilet seat.

I’m thankful for temper tantrums in the middle of supermarkets, playgrounds and libraries and older women tut tutting and shaking their heads.

I’m thankful for a gruelling schedule of therapy appointments.

I’m thankful for hearing the theme tune of Peppa Pig over and over and over again.

I’m thankful for car keys shoved down the back of the couch particularly when we’re late for an appointment.

I’m thankful for meal time battles and refusals to go to bed.

I’m thankful for potty training struggles and accidents.



I’m thankful that I wake up in the middle of the night in a panic about your futures because it means you both have one to look forward to.


You see yesterday I heard a father speak so eloquantly about the loss of his two children to an incurable disease and he is all I can think about on this Father’s Day.

IMG_1466So for all these reasons and more I’m so thankful because it means you are both still here with me and Papa.




0 thoughts on “Reasons to be Thankful

  1. Yes, every time (well, almost every time) I am gritting my teeth in painful rage, or wanting to scream out loud, I try to remember those who had what I still do. Lovely post. Very mindful especially today.

  2. We all have our moments but I think we always know how lucky we are. I heard someone who lost a child recently say that the loss is dreadful, but it would have been a greater loss not to have had the happy years.
    Every day as a parent is filled with ups and downs, but that moment, which can be caused by random events, when your heart leaps with love for them, is so very magical and it quickly wipes away the bad times.
    A beautiful post.

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