Storymakers Review

I love reading and spent many a happy hour in my childhood devouring book after book.I’m keen to pass that love of books onto my daughters as books are quite simply magical. They can cheers us up when we are feeling sad, they can transport us to fantastic new worlds and like an old friend, they are always there for us.

I recently got the chance to create a lovely personalised book for Mini at As is the case with most kids with Down syndrome,Mini is a strong visual learner so we try to find brightly coloured,imaginative stories as she responds very well to them. I try to read to her every night before bedtime. Keeping her seated while we read a story to her can be challenging, however. She absolutely adores stories where she, herself, is part of the action so I am always on the look out for good quality personalised stories for her.

The storybook available at Storymakers didn’t disappoint.  The site is bright and inviting and crucially very easy to navigate. So easy, that you can get your child involved, which to me, is a unique feature of personalised story book sites. It comes from the makers of the Kinder egg and the characters involved are the same toys that you get in the eggs. The website has a great interactive feature that lets you and your child create their own story. You begin by choosing your toy, and giving it a name, and then over five settings, you plot the action for your character. There is a myriad of settings to choose from including the vastness of outer space, the depths of the sea, on the farm, in the jungle and, Mini’s personal favourite-at the seaside.

There are lots of lovely little details that complement the personalised element such as the ability to have the story take place at nightime or during that day and you can also add your own ending to the chapters. You also have control over adding certain extras to the page and again, there is a good choice of colours and styles. At the end, there is even a letter for your child, that will make them truly feel like they have created something wonderful.

Kinder have created a fantastic site that allows you to save a lovely personalised story on your computer or tablet. Overall, both my daughter and I loved the storymakers experience and will be recommending it to family and friends, as well as logging back on to create a brand new story for our youngest daughter when she is a bit older. I can’t wait to for the chance to once again share the magic with our child!

Compensation for this review was provided by Storymakers via Sheology. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and not indicative of those of Storymakers.

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