Team Baby versus Team Toddler

And so it came to pass that the youngest child should go forth from cot to big girl bed.And there was much rejoicing on her part.For about six seconds. Yes,we’re at that horrible in between baby sleeping stage. She seems to be objecting to the cot-it does not seem to be big enough anymore to deal with her nightly thrashings yet is unsure of this new bed.

I spent a lot of time yesterday setting up this new bed for her. She picked out her duvet and which lucky teddies got the honour of sharing this milestone of first night in a big bed with her. Then before bed,I had a long talk with her about how lovely her bed is,and what a lovely bedroom it is and how mammy and Papa are just across the hall. Although part of me really doesn’t know why we bother. We all know who’s bed shes going to continue to end up in anyway!Clue-its substantially larger than the one in the picture.


I guess at this stage I should be feeling a little sad that my baby is moving on from the cot. After all, she could be the last baby we have. But I don’t.Not one little bit. I love watching my children grow and gain independence. Bring it on I say. I was on the phone to a friend last night and I could hear the occasional squeaks from her three week old baby daughter as she slumbered on her mama’s chest. While the snugly warmth of a newborn squish is all kinds of delicious, give me a toddler any day. A little someone who has discovered hugs and kisses and isn’t one bit shy about handing them out. A little someone who delights you every day with each new word and ability their super charged brains acquire.  A little someone running,jumping, squealing, just bursting with life. Babies rock but toddles are in a league of their own.


What do you think-are you more newborn delight or toddler lover?

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  1. While there is nothing like that newborn smell, the innocence and fragility….you’re right…toddlers are something else altogether……their personalities are really emerging, if they would only stay in their lovely new beds now it would be the icing on the cake!!

  2. I’m with you! Bring on the toddler years when babies become conversationalists and express opinions and sing along with us! Babies are cute, it’s true, and I enjoy (most of) the baby moments – like right now when she’s fallen asleep after feeding with her arms cradling the boob! – but I really am excited to discover who she will become…

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