Tips to aid with Morning Sickness


Morning sickness-it’s the bain of many women’s lives  in the early stages of pregnancy and contrary to what the name suggests, it can strike at any  time of the day, not just the morning! It can be a particularly miserable time for women as they must often suffer in silence, being unwilling to divulge the knowledge that they are pregnant so early on., but here are some tips that should help combat the ill feelings!

Eat small amounts of food and eat more regularly. This should help to stabilise blood sugar levels while giving you the energy you and your baby need to get through the day. Avoid eating fatty or fried foods which are heavy and damp in nature and can really throw your system out of sync.
Have a supply of crackers and bland foodstuffs nearby  and make sure you drink plenty of fluids, particularly if you are vomiting a lot.
Natural ginger is a great foodstuff for easing feelings of nausea. Try and keep some ginger biscuits next to your bed stand  so you can grab some first thing in the morning to put you on the right track for the rest of the day.
There is a marvellous acupuncture point that is easily accessible and works wonders in combating  feelings of nausea. It’s name is Neiguan or PC6 and is located near the wrists.  You can easily find it by following these instructions:
Turn your arm so that your palm is facing you. Now make a fist and and squeeze so that the two tendons  in the middle of your wrist come into view. These are the palmaris longus and the flexor carpi radius tendons. The point is located in between these tendons. To get the exact point,measure two  thumb lengths from the wrist crease with your  other hand.There should be a slightly, sore aching feeling which should confirm that you have found the point. Massage this point as often as you need throughout the day. It is also possible to purchase  bands that fit around the wrist  with a plastic button in the middle that massages this point on a constant basis. These bands are also used to relieve  motion sickness and can found in your local health food store.
Your local acupuncturist can provide more advice on how to combat morning sickness with a treatment course that will be specifically tailored to your needs as an individual.

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