Too much too soon for minis?

There are times when I think Mini is an evil genius.She can now count well into the teens,although 1,2,3 is a favourite phrase. She counts her blueberries in the morning,she counts the steps on the stairs,she counts the pebbles at the playground.I don’t remember being able to count before I went to school.

Also she draws.No discernible shapes at least not in this universe you understand but she draws,with crayons,markers and paint.She doesn’t have perfect point but she makes the tools work for her in her unsteady grasp.There is a photo of me at home of the one and only day I went to preschool clutching my work of art for the day.For some reason I remember liking preschool but not enough that I would ever go back there again.I think the reason for this lay with my childminder-a fantastically fun woman whose house was full of pets(we operated under a strict animal free zone in our house much to our wishing otherwise)-dogs,guinea pigs,even an African grey parrot called Alfie.Who.Could.Talk!!!!
We also used to go to Todd’s,now Brown Thomas and try on the hats in the ladies section which to my 3 year old brain was the height of sophistication!
Anyway getting back to Mini,her drawings are far superior to the crappy painting I did when I was nearly a full year older than her.

Another masterpiece in the making

And she knows her nursery rhymes,some off by heart-although this is a near clandestine operation on her part-she has one of those leapfrog teddies,Violet who sings songs and who you can programme your child’s name into it.Not all the Irish names are listed and there was no “Roisin” to be found when we bought it,so I had to email them and sure enough a few months later,I plugged the toy into the computer to update it-it’s a strange world we live in sometimes!-and there was her name. Although I don’t think the toy fully believes there is such a name and every time it’s mentioned,it comes out as a quizzical “Rusheen??” As in are you sure that’s your name?
She’s a fecking genius,I mean, what are they going to teach her in Junior Infants?
Nursery rhymes?Check.
Ability to sit and complete tasks?Check.
Ability to count?Check.At this rate she ll be ready for long division in a matter of months!
Ability to play with morla?Check.
Ok the potty training is a work in progress but I am fully confident she ll be as the French charmingly refer to it “clean” by September 2015.
What am I missing?

Is it just me or are kids expected to know an awful lot more these days?Society seems to be dictating that reading,writing and creative projects all need to be mastered at an increasingly young age-not like when I was a little lass filling my days with such childish nonsense as searching for fairy forts and making mud pies. An 80s child like me seems like a muck savage in comparison to these sophisticated modern day toddlers!

Is it just me?What happened to children behaving like children? What seemingly grown up skills had your kids mastered by the time they started school?

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  1. Aww she sounds so clever! I only have under 2's so no idea what is expected of them, but I hope it involves jumping up and down and spinning in circles because my boy has got those down! Sounds like your little lady will be top of the class! 🙂 #pocolo

    Amy @2boys1mum

  2. I have had those same thoughts and I never pro-actively 'taught' her. My guess is there is more educational orientated things around nowadays just through the volume of toys, educational tv and maybe smaller families so parents have more time?? I dunno. Either that or kids are getting brighter! Laura@myinternalworld

  3. Yep kids do seem to achieve more at a younger age today, and it sounds like Mini will be well ready for school — I remember asking the Junior Infants teacher when my DD1 would be learning to read, and was put in my place when she retorted: “she needs to learn to sit down and listen first!”

  4. Yes I think you've hit the nail on the head there Laura. Not necessarily saying kids these days are spoiled, just that its different times-when I was a wee one, a trip to a toystore only a few times a year-around birthdays and Christmas and presents were only received at those times. It seems to me as if Mini has accumulated more toys in her first 3 years than I ever received as a child!

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