Versatile Blogger Award

Making a bit of a detour with the regular blogging to talk about getting a nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award.Very surprised and chuffed to receive something like this from a fellow blogger. It really warms the cockles of my heart (have been looking for an excuse to use that saying for ages!!)

Ok, so there are some rules attached to receiving the nomination-

Step 1-thank the awesome human being who nominated you
Muchos gracias to Claire,@clairemsb, a fellow blogger who blogs on with Dara, a friend of mine. It’s a lovely thing to be recognised by your peers!

Step 2:Nominate 5 blogs I enjoy reading-so here goes-

i)Claire & Dara’s blog-humourous, informative posts from two lovely mammies-
ii)Ruth Crean-@NiceDayDesigns-a crafty blog chock full of gorgeous designs & clever ideas

iii) Really informative blog with tips and funny tales on living with Down Syndrome

iv) @Urbantao For all things acupuncture-

v) Jen Ronan-@jayrow Mad musings on life, music & everything in between from a real firecracker of a lady.
Step 3 Let people know 7 things about you
Thought this was a cute way of having your audience get to know you a little better, so, deep breath…

1. After years of avoiding reality TV pop star competions, I have become addicted to The Voice UK-love it!!
2. Those of you familiar with my shortarse status will find this hard to believe but I stopped growing at the age of 12-up until then I was taller than nearly all the boys in my class.
3. I have an inbuilt alarm clock. It’s weird but I’ve always managed to wake myself up on time for work/flights/etc even when an actual clock has failed me.Haven’t needed it as much since Mini moved in!
4. I am a classically trained violinist.
5. I never thought I’d have kids-they always mystified me and I never had much time for them. Mini changed all that and to be honest, I can’t wait to have more!
6. I didn’t learn to drive until I was 27-have chronically bad spatial awareness and awful depth perception, which has led to some bumps and scrapes on poor ol’ Ruby (my car, she’s red!) but nothing too serious. I recommend everyone who can’t drive to add it to your to do list!The sense of freedom driving gives you is awesome and it’s a pretty great feeling too!
7. I really miss working in radio and hope to return to it someday.

So there you go, hope enjoyed learning a little bit about moi and that you’ll check out the blogs I’ve nominated and maybe if you’ve a blog yourself, you might consider nominating some worthy people-spread the love!

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